Tuesday, April 11, 2017

National Pet Day

Yeah, we're way behind on all of our posts, but the weather hasn't exactly been cooperative for the last month or so. Less running means less posting. It's a little frustrating that the Spring weather has been a lot more difficult that the winter weather.

But today is National Pet Day and after some windy rainy days, we got a partly sunny day, which is fine because if it had been sunny, it would have been warmer and we're just not ready for that! Henri waited by my side as I got ready, waiting for the moment that I would grab the harness and hold it out for him. He put his head out for me to put it on and headed for the door. Yeah, he was ready.

We enjoyed four and half miles with no incident. There are some houses going up in the neighborhood and the sound of the nail gun was freaking Henri out, but he kept running. He kept looking back to make sure nothing was coming after him, but he kept going. Brave boy. Of course, every moment spent running with Henri, even the hard moments and the scary moments and the painful moments are still some of the best moments of each day. Happy National Pet Day, Henri!

I'll calculate miles later. They are altogether disappointing.