Saturday, December 31, 2016

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 52: White

I saved "White" for last, knowing that even in the midwest, we hardly see snow in December any more, let alone have a white Christmas. I had an idea for Henri's Christmas picture last year, but we never got snow that lasted long enough for me to get it. This year, the first dusting, I made sure I got it. Henri loves the snow! He gets so excited. He runs outside, runs inside, carrying a chunk of snow with him. He rolls in the snow...or was that deer poo? Anyway, here is an outtake from his Christmas picture, which I think captures his love of the white stuff.

Who else loves snow? Who has to find other ways to have a white Christmas? Who picked something else white to take a picture of because that's just what they did?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 51: Tree

I am one of those people. The ones that are very particular about their tree and the placement of the the ornaments. This is not always condusive to having pets, but we are able to make it work. I just have to be strategic about the placement in that they are not where Henri's tail will knock them off, or any of his rough housing.

Do you get to put up a tree in your house? Do you pets "help"? Do you have to get creative with your holiday decorations?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 50: Lights

The warm glow and soft twinkle of the Christmas Lights. They are only made better by a soft puppy sleeping beneath them.

Do you display lights in your home? Outside of it? Do you take your pet to see the lights around the neighborhood?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 49: Ears

One of my favorite features of Henri's (Did I say that about every one of his features?) is his ears. I mean, seriously, they are just adorable.

Do your pets ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a know? can you tie them in a bow?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 48: Spoiled

Every year, we set up the Christmas Tree and we try to figure out where to move Henri's toys, which despite our donations, has grown again. Of course, he will be getting more for Christmas.

What? These old things? Wait! You do what with my toys?

How is your pet spoiled? (Because I know they are!)

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 47: Thanks

I am thankful for this crooked eared, curly tailed, brown nosed, amber eyed, anxious ball of energy that squeaks and whines to communicate, that destroys every toy you sew back together for him, that hates the heat, wants to sit on the step in the cool air, but only if the door stays open so he can share that cold air with you, throw-this-ball-nah-never-mind-throw-this-stick-oh-look-a-ball, chicken loving, even though he has an aversion to it, knows when you open the cheese drawer, knows when you've brought home a toy for him, needs to check every package that comes in the mail in case it's for him, I-will-jump-and-twist-in-the-air,-but-I-do-not-want-to-jump-over-agility-hurdles-but-the-tunnel-is-okay-but-only-when-I-want-to, scared of things that are not where they are supposed to be, welcome home wiggle butt, where-are-we-going-are-we-going-to-the-dog-park-yeah-the-dog-park-we've-been-here-five-minutes-I-want-to-go-home-now,  noise sensitive, it's-time-to-feed-me, obsessed with his burrow toys, snow eating machine, jealous, only child syndrome, intensely staring till you do what he wants, treat loving, this-bed-is-nice-but-i-need-more-space, squeak-squeak-squeaking, home security system, running partner, snuggle buddy (when he wants to), smiling, exasperating, guh, that face is freakin' adorable, mutt! (Just to name a few)

What are you thankful for?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 46: Home

Home is where the heart is. 

It's rare that Henri snuggles. Suddenly, you find yourself with a puppy by your side, a head in your lap, a paw on your arm. When this happens, you hold your breath and hold very still. It won't last but a few minutes. He lets out a sigh as his body relaxes. His eyes close. He has found his comfort and you've found yours. Then he jumps down, usually coming back, but carrying a toy for you to try to take from him. Come on! There are important things to do!

Whether his heart is actually in my lap or not, I do know that Henri feels his best at home. On the occasion that we go somewhere else, that lap is still what feels safe to him. He is close by and if we are some place long enough, that lap is where he ends up, when he finally settles down and takes a little nap.

What about you? Do you find yourself being suffocated by the love of your four legged friend or are you counting the minutes they are by your side, knowing they will run off after a shiny object soon?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 45: Whisker

Celebrating another unique part of our pets, we move on to the whiskers. I love the way the light catches them. I love to rub the hairs on his chinny-chin-chin. I watch the hairs move over his eyes, adding extra expression. I know they have real function, but to me, they are just part of who his is, part of his distinct character.

Whiskers, long or short, white, black or brown, lets see them! 

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 44: Treat

Since we tricked you in the last post, how about a treat? Henri loves treats. I don't know many dogs, or animals for that matter, that don't love a little nibble, whether it's a treat from a bag, some homemade goodie, or something off your plate (always preferred). Henri gets very intent, staring as the strings of drool hang from the side of his mouth as he waits in anticipation. Most of the time, it does not get to that point, at least not for the every day, 'you're a good boy', treats.

Does your pet have a favorite? Are there strings of anticipation or do you give in at the first sideways glance?

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 43: Cat

I don't know what I was thinking, picking the theme of "Cat". Well, that's not true. I was thinking that dogs are not the only pets and this is a Pet Photo Challenge, not a Dog Photo Challenge. It was also National Cat Day. Cats deserve their day, too. I just don't have access to a cat, nor can I borrow someone else's just to put it with Henri. "Oh, hey. Does your cat like dogs? I want to put it in a picture with my dog." Yeah. I see that going well. It is Halloween time though and I can get creative.

Trick or Treat! Totally tricked you, didn't we? That's not a real cat! That's just me! Well, clearly, Henri does like cats.

Do you have a cat? I chose this theme just for you!!! Or you can be creative, too. Go for it!