About Six Legs Are Better Than Two

I love dogs! I want to so something with this love besides just loving the ones I have, or the ones I meet. I want to so something for all dogs. I want to do something for the people that love them. I don't know what that is, or if I can do "something", but I'm going to start here.

I will run with Henri. I will share my stories here. I hope to connect, swap and share stories with others. I hope to inspire others to get out and walk, run, bike, hike, skateboard, ski, snowboard, surf with their dogs. Okay, some of those seem dangerous, but I know people do them and some with their dogs. I hope to create a community that cares. Then, we can do something. Together. We start with ourselves. Then we change the world.

That's a big goal, and very non-specific. I've got some ideas, but I need to start small. It can grow, change and morph into...who knows. I start here. We will see where it goes.

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