Saturday, June 25, 2016

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 25: Play

Play! Food might be the first thing on Henri's mind, but "Play!" is probably the second. That thought continues most of the day. This is why we go on a run every day. If we did not, there would be no break from the incessant squeaking, the poking, the staring down, the tugging, the teasing and everything else that might be involved in the games Henri decides to play.

(Sorry for the fuzzy nature of the picture, and by that I mean the blur. He does not like to hold still. You might get the toy from him if he does.)

Henri has loved toys since the day we met him. He only has a million of them, piled in the corner, thanks to a BarkBox subscription. I'm so glad we invested in that. Henri gets the best toys. He is so excited when his new box comes each month and the toy is the first, and only thing, he cares about inside (He knows the treats will get to him eventually). Give him two toys in the box and...oh boy! Be ready to spend the next several hours breaking them in! If he does get a toy that he doesn't particularly care for, he donates it to homeless pups or pups in foster care, so they can have as much joy as he does.

How does your pet play? Do they have a favorite toy or game? Or maybe their version of play is completely different. Let's see 'em!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


While there has been a lack of blog posts about our runs, we have been running. Between running early in the morning, working out again in the afternoon and eating dinner so I can go to bed to get up early again in the morning, there is not much time to write about our daily runs. I don't know that anyone really cares about our daily runs and there is not a whole lot to write about. We're enjoying the sunrises and cooler temperatures. There are fewer cars on the roads, helping with Henri's new anxiety about running along the road (on the sidewalks - we are not near the cars) with all the traffic. I think it's the noise, which a lot of semis and trucks are going by with a truck stop just down the road. There is an occasional runner or walker out, but for the most part, we have the world to ourselves.

I've been attempting to work on my speed. Henri wants breakfast. With that and his anxiety, the speed is picked up for most of the run, at least on his end. I do my best to keep up and not slow him down. Some days it's hard to move my legs after my afternoon workouts, but some days that makes me push harder. We've had several close days, trying to beat our 9:02 record. Some days, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get the speed up or maintain it. Yesterday, I could hardly move my legs, despite a day off and stretching. Today though, I could feel it. I had to push, but it wasn't too hard to push. Despite slowing down for a car at a crosswalk and having to slow because I just couldn't keep it up, we broke our record. Our new record is now 8:58! It's not a big saving off our previous time, but knowing that I didn't feel like I was pushing too hard and I had to slow down some, makes me confident that we can shave some more time off of that at some point. It is more difficult with heat and humidity. My legs are pretty wobbly after my other workouts, but I'm working on becoming stronger so I can push harder and give Henri a real workout!

Runs this year: 86

Miles run this year: 249

Saturday, June 18, 2016

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 24: Water

With the increasing heat, we've brought out the baby pool for a little chill time. Of course, Henri has forgotten the benefits of having cold water to play in during the off season, so we're starting all over again (for the third year in a row) with water play. He's a bigger dog, so a baby pool doesn't quite give him the full water experience. Some dogs will jump in, splash, kick and lay down in a baby pool. These dogs understand. I'm lucky if Henri will stick his feet in as he stretches as far as he can (if he doesn't just walk around the pool) to grab the toy I threw in for him. So, we played a little game of 'Bobbing for Treats' and somebody put their brave britches on. He was attempting to get treats off the bottom of the pool, but didn't like the water getting in his eyes. Still, he was blowing bubbles and forgetting that he was stepping into the pool.

You know that video that is circulating of the awkward dog, standing in the pool while all the other dogs are jumping, splashing and swimming around him? That's Henri...if I could get him in the water and then not panicking to get out. If I had a pool I could take him to every day, I know he could learn the joy of swimming. I would also have a tired puppy on my hands, making our early morning runs unnecessary. Eh, maybe we can keep our running for now. Maybe we can get a pool when he doesn't want to run anymore.

Are your pets in love with summer and spending time by the pool or are they all about the air conditioning?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 23: Butt

This little boys behind is what I spend a lot of time chasing in the mornings. Yes, this is my view for thirty minutes a day, plus some because that tail is in the air during every minute of playtime which involves chasing a ball or toy up and down the hall, keep away which involves an butt stuck in the air or running in circles. Either way, this butt is common place. Good thing it's so cute!

Who else has a fuzzy butt they just can't ignore. Maybe it's stinky or maybe it been recently, um, cleaned. Either way, it's probably being put in your face. Let's see it!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

[Pet Photo Challenge] Week 22: Trouble

I wouldn't normally do this, but today is a special day. Today is the anniversary of when Henri came home, so I'm going to do a little Throwback Thursday. I mean, seriously, this face has trouble written all over it.

Whether he is getting into something or just sitting there, looking cute, this boy is trouble. Ugh, I just can't stand it!!! Happy Henriversary, my little boy!

Who is all about the trouble in your house?