Friday, July 31, 2015

National Mutt Day

Today is National Mutt Day. We started the celebrations first thing this morning with our typical morning activity, running! This was followed by breakfast, tossing and breaking ice cubes apart, a good belly rub and post-workout cuddles. There isn't a much better way to start the day, really.

To celebrate my mutt, here is a list of things I love about Henri's muttiness:

His one floppy ear! I'm so glad that it didn't pop up. He would have been pretty cute with both down, but the one and one thing is just adorable.

He's soft. When he didn't get as long of a coat as we thought he might get, I was worried his coat would be coarse. It's not. He's perfect for cuddling.

His size. Like Goldilocks, he's not too small, not too big. He's just right. He's the perfect size for cuddling. He's not a lap dog, but you can lay your head on him and not have to worry about crushing him. He's very good at keeping your feet warm when he's curled up next to you. He's also not a BIG dog, so he doesn't take up a lot of room. 

His brown nose. I love that thing! I want to 'boop' it all day!

His tail. It's got fluffiness. It's got a curl. It can hang down. And it wags like crazy. His emotion is in his tail before it reaches his face.

Those big brown/amber eyes that change color from day to day. He knows how to use him to his advantage, too. I don't fall for it as much as he'd like, but it still softens my heart when he tries.

He's smart. He's high energy. He loves his toys. He loves to destroy his toys. He loves to open presents. He rolls onto his back when he wants attention. He brings you a toy when you come home. He has a whine that drives me crazy, but it's totally his. He knows how to communicate what he wants and doesn't get deterred easily. He convinces you to get up in the morning so he can take your spot. His favorite thing is food. And "Keep Away". He loves cold weather. He hates the heat. He likes to have his picture taken, which is good because I love to take pictures of him. He wants to be near you if you might be doing something fun, especially if you don't want him right there, in your face. He rubs against you like a cat when he's wet, which leaves tons of hair behind. He likes cheese, and peanut butter, and chicken, even though he's got an aversion to chicken. He likes banana treats, but not banana. He also doesn't like popcorn. What dog doesn't like popcorn? He likes to run fast, which he does at the dog park. He likes to be chased, but he has forgotten to take turns and dogs eventually give up and move on. He likes fetch, with balls, toys, frisbees or sticks...or really whatever you might have laying around that you grab and throw for him. 

He got me running, which I love. I wouldn't get up early in the morning to go for a run if it wasn't for him. I don't think I'd like running by myself, repeatedly. I might do it every once in awhile, but I want him with me, as much as possible. I love when he looks up at me while we're running. Again, he communicates, and he does it well. There are lots of things that you can do with with your dog. Running is our thing. He has inspired a new love, a new hope, inside of me.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

What The What!?

Today was only our second run of the week. It's been an off week with giving my aches and pains time to resolve themselves on Monday and storms on Wednesday. It was nice to be able to go out this morning, even more so with the 64 degree weather. I expected a good run. Apparently, rest is the answer.

Yes, I ran 1 mile in zero seconds. I ran another mile in seven seconds. Then the next in nine. You couldn't expect me to keep up that pace forever, could you!?

Yeah, technology was not my friend this morning. I don't know what was up with my phone, but apparently the GPS got a little confuzzeled and thought I took a SUPER QUICK detour. I don't think it ever recovered. When I got home, it said 8.1 miles. Once it finally caught on that that was wrong, it became 4.09, which is still wrong. I mean, it looks like a three year old drew my route today!

Also, the Walk for a Dog App shut down after the first mile, probably because I was going SO FAST so, I missed donating 2 of my miles to Homeward Bound. What happened!?! It's actually really funny to me and who doesn't need a little laughter in their life? I just took it all to mean that it really didn't matter how far I ran or how fast I ran (even though I'm really curious) I ran.

I wore my new shoes today! I tried on multiple shoes, but these shoes just felt like home when I tried them on. It felt that way when I laced them up this morning as well. Peace and relaxation in a shoe. Fun running with your best friend in a shoe. Henri approved. He looks so tired! I mean, we did run REALLY fast.

This is why there are no pictures of us running. Even though the sun was coming up, I still couldn't get a decent quality picture without standing under a light post.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm Falling Apart!

Today was a muggy one, 77 degrees with 93% humidity. Blech! Okay, it wasn't awful, but the extra obstacle of humidity was not something I wanted to deal with today.

My ankle has been sore since Saturday. Not my previously injured ankle, the other one. I don't know why. I didn't even run on Saturday. We walked, but I don't remember feeling anything. We walked because my back hurt on Friday. Then my arm started to hurt when I raised it up and none of it was going away! I was falling apart and I didn't know why! So, we took yesterday off from running, to give my ankle a little longer break. That seemed to help. I felt confident that I could go for a run this morning and not lose a leg.

I wasn't going to push too much today for this reason. Add in the heat and humidity and the second half of the run was a struggle. I kept an eye on Henri, watching for him to start to wilt, but he was good. It was just me. Then my iPod kept playing slow songs, so I had to keep skipping ahead. I got one fast one and then it went back to slow, so I took the hint and just eased to a slower pace. I still did a sprint at the end, but that was almost just to get finished faster...almost...kinda...I also just wanted to go fast just to prove I could.

Now my previously injured ankle is a little achy (but we did just have a storm roll in, so I'm going to go with that as the cause) and my back hurts again. I decided that it was time for new shoes, that and the fact that my toes have worn through even the tape at the toes. So, new shoes! Not as flashy or as blue as my old ones, but they will still match all my running clothes, maybe even better than before, and that's really important, right? ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life} Week 30: Snuggly

Being snuggly is not exactly what you want to do after running three miles in the Central Illinois heat and humidity. Oh wait! Yes it is, when your snuggle buddy is this adorable boy!

I love you, too, buddy! You're welcome.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Running Off The Stress

Another great run with my great running partner this morning! 

Unfortunately, immediately following the run, I remembered all the things I had to complete at work in the next two days and completely stressed myself out to the point I really could have used another run. Oh! This is why I do two workouts a day in the summer! One in the morning in attempt to start the day off right, one in the afternoon to de-stress from all the craziness the day held. So, it's just a coincidence, but it seems to work. What also works is Henri's fuzzy face, but I didn't even have time to pull out his photo and put it next to my computer to focus on. So...busy...

We are not going to think about that anymore today. We will instead focus on the fact that I felt like I could have kept running today. Maybe it was that unmentionable stress already building, but it has just felt good to run this week. Maybe I'm turning into a "real" runner. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Be...In The Run

Okay, so here's what's been going on! We have had three really good days of running and I have just slightly forgotten to write about them. They've been fairly uneventful, but all the same, here is a recap.

Monday was a steady run. I was concerned that I would decide to injure myself again this year as I signed up for The Color Run on Sunday and last year, if you remember, the very next day, I hurt my ankle and attempted to spend the next six weeks recovering. Thankfully, as of yet, I have not been injured. There is still time, unfortunately, but we're just not going to think about that and it should be all good. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything until The Color Run was six weeks away, as it's not till October. I might have just jinxed myself. Again, Henri is not able to join me for The Color Run, so I'll be without my favorite running partner. I'll just have to motivate myself. Maybe I'll get a shirt with Henri running on it so I can still be running behind him. It would be cute if the front of the shirt has a frontal view of him running and the back had his fuzzy little butt from behind! Ha! I just might have to do that.

Tuesday was peaceful. I had acoustic guitar in my ears and I could still hear the birds chirping their morning songs around us. It was 68 degrees, but 97% humidity so when I reached down to give my playful tug on Henri's tail, it was wet, and this was within the first quarter of a mile. We were slightly faster than Monday, despite the humidity. 

Today was 58 degrees! What?! There was actually a fog sitting on top of the lakes. Or was it steam coming off of the lakes. I don't really know. It was kinda spooky and cool and pretty all at the same time.

This week has been easy to just fall into rhythm. Maybe it's been a little cooler and the air hasn't been as thick, so it's easy to the run. Sometimes, with Henri, it feels like synchronized running. There are bushes or trees that come over the sidewalks and we just fall into our places, moving to the sides, running one behind the other, and then spreading back out. It's these runs that make me so thankful for Henri and for this opportunity to run with him and bond with him. When I forget about the speed, when I forget about the pains and discomforts my body is yelling at me, when my mind is wondering and with him at the same time, these are the runs I live for. When he smiles up at me, when he slows to be by my side, when I can see his mind working, when he plays with his ice cubes after, when he lies by my side as we cool down, it's all worth it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 29: Water

Being as heat-sensitive as Henri is, I would really think that he would enjoy jumping in the water to cool off. Of course, being a Nervous Nelly, he would be afraid of water. We've been slowly working on it year after year, but, again, heat-sensitive, not wanting to be outside in the heat, small window of learning. 

Henri went with me to attend a pool party because, well, I like to take him everywhere. If I could carry a purse big enough, he would be a purse puppy. Of course, I wouldn't really carry him in a purse unless that just meant he got to go places with me. Maybe I could get a wagon and wheel my purse around. Yes, I'm sure Henri would love that. I digress. Henri went with me. I took his life jacket and some of his pool toys in hopes that I would be able to coax him into the water and he could discover all the fun that he's been missing. It wasn't too hot out, for a normal dog that can handle a little heat, so I knew he'd be okay. Plus, he had lots of little friends to keep him entertained.

He wondered around, investigating the area. He was very interested in the pool and the areas around the pool while no one was in it. I almost wondered if he would just jump right in on his own. He, of course, did not. He is Henri after all. We made a split decision to fill up the baby pool, even though he has had no interest in that, even when I bought him one last year and filled it up in our own back yard. He would barely walk into it to get his toys. He would just stretch as far as he could to grab them and pull them out. Stinker.

As the pool filled, hose still in it, Henri walked right in, all four paws. I swear, his eyes lit up as he looked up at me. I really wish he could have talked right then because I would love to know what he was thinking. I thought he'd be nervous of the hose, still running, but he stepped back out and then turned around and stepped back in. The wheels were turning. The lightbulb was coming on. He could get in the pool to cool down!

I set up a canopy for him with two chairs and a towel and got into the big pool. He sat under his canopy and watched the action, occasionally coming to the edge of the pool to check on me and walking to step into his pool. He was a little lifeguard, keeping an eye on everyone.

He did finally become comfortable enough to play with the water a little. He was still timid and stretching to get the toys, but I could see relaxation coming over him. He would stand next to the pool, front paws in, just watching.

Aside from the time he slipped and fell into the pool (and yes, I was a good mommy and helped him get out rather than taking a picture of him swimming), Henri did not get in the pool. He was quite comfortable playing from the outside of the pool, at least for now. I still think he'll get in at some point. Even after falling in, he still came back to play.

It's a little weird, as Henri is a dog, but I am so proud of him. He seems to be getting a little more confident all the time. He is doing better with going new places. He wasn't as bad with the fireworks this year. He is getting in a baby pool of his own volition. He seems to trust me more, even though I take him into the "awful" situations. As long as I'm there, he can be there, too. Someday, I hope to look back at these pictures and think, "Remember when Henri used to be afraid of water?"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time For A Change?

Henri doesn't like his harness anymore. It didn't use to bother him, but, recently, he doesn't like putting it on, even though that means we are going on a run. He lies down and rolls into submission, sometimes hiding behind a chair. Once it's on, he's fine, he just doesn't like it going on over his head. He is much better about getting it off over his head, which is the opposite of how it used to be. I think I'm in the market for a new harness. I'm afraid that most of them are going to go over his head and it's not like they come cheap. He was fine with this one for almost two years. I can't return them after a year just because Henri has changed his mind. It's just so weird.

Just when I was thinking of getting him a backpack.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mission Accomplished

I was surprised to step out into much cooler temperatures this morning. It was so nice! I was getting cold shivers until we started to run and warm up. That's what I get for wearing a tank top, although I needed the tank top once we were actually running so...

Today felt good. The weather was nice, the sun was coming up, and we were moving well. We weren't as fast as yesterday, though I felt like we were moving pretty fast at times. I must have been going too fast and needed to slow down too much to catch my breathe. My pace dog keeps me going! 

We did our cooling down outside this morning since it was, well, cool outside. Henri lay down on the concrete which he never does (because the outside is icky) so I knew I was successful in wearing him out. Mission accomplished! Do you think he looks at me after a run and thinks the same thing?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've heard the saying, "The only workout you'll ever regret is the one you didn't do." I now understand this saying.

Yesterday morning, I talked myself out of taking Henri for a run. It was for good reasons; the weather was supposed to be bad and I didn't want to get stuck in the rain, it was really humid and I didn't want to make Henri run in that, Henri had had a big day the day before and seemed tired, I was tired...but honestly, I was just feeling a little lazy. We got our sleep and that felt pretty good. It was pretty hot and humid, but it never rained. I felt guilty, keeping Henri from exercise. I would have felt really bad if it had been raining this morning. I probably would have felt better if I'd just gotten up and gone on that run with Henri. 

This morning we were both ready to go. Henri has been a little lazier in the mornings, staying upstairs till closer to the time to leave for our run, sometimes making me come and get him. This morning he was excited and ran down the stairs. I let him out and was shocked to see stars, so clear. No rain threat this morning and running under the stars for ten minutes before the sun came up sounded awesome!

That extra day of rest either hurt us or helped us. My legs definitely hurt, so in that way, it hurt me, but the run was really good. I had my best overall pace, with each mile being under 9 minutes, one almost dropping under 8. That's probably why my legs hurt. I felt like Henri was dragging me, but I guess he was running faster because I was running faster. Rabbits were running across his path,literally feet in front of him, and he didn't even care. He was on a run and it felt good! It was still a little sticky, but there was just enough of a breeze to keep us comfortable.

I usually don't allow myself to be talked out of a workout. If I do talk myself out of it, it's usually for a much better reason than laziness, like pain and inability to perform. Laziness will not win again. Maybe if the reason hadn't been laziness, I wouldn't have felt so bad, or if it had only effected me, and not Henri as well. I don't know. I can't go back and do it now, but I will remember that saying next time I just want to change my alarm.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 28: Summer

Running with Henri in the Summer takes careful planning and adjustment. We switch to the early mornings in attempt to catch a break from the heat. If we go out any later, I try to be very conscious of what the temperature is and how hard we are running. Is there a breeze? Is the sun out or is it cloudy? I watch Henri to see if he seems to be struggling. I make sure he drinks water and gets ice cubes. If we go somewhere else to run, I get him cooled down before we get back in the hot car. I'm with him and keep an eye on him for awhile after we run, to make sure he's cooling down and feeling good.  

Summer is hot and humid. Henri hates the heat and in turn, I don't like it that much either. 

Summer is Summer, though. Sure, the days of Summer vacation have past and I don't get to take time off because work is actually really busy for me in the summer, but it's still Summer! I want to enjoy it and I want to enjoy it with Henri! So, we will go out on adventures and spend time doing summery things because, hey! It's Summer!

Today's adventure took us out to the park for a run. Ulterior motives took us out to the park with ice cream across the street. Chocolate for me, vanilla for Henri. How is that for a cool down?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mind Over Body

Some days you have to tell your body, "Shut up! We are going on a run!"

The early mornings might be getting to me. I don't feel like I struggled to get up and run as much last year. I know I got injured at some point during the summer, but I still woke up early and went walking with Henri. I'm not sure what the difference is. My eyes are tired. My legs don't want to move. My back hurts. My head hurts. I don't feel well. I just want to sleep. Of course, I don't let these excuses stop me from running, but they have been hindering my run and my enjoyment of the run and running with Henri.

This morning, I wanted a good run. I was determined. I was going to keep a good pace. I was going to push through whatever my body was saying was wrong. I was going to finish and finish strong, or at least stronger than I felt like I had been finishing. This week should have been a week of easy runs with the cooler weather and the run being the only workout I was doing. It just hasn't been. 

Sometimes, I wish I could close my eyes while I run. I just need a few steps and a few breaths to focus, but that's not really safe when running with a dog, or just running in general. There were times when I could feel the drag coming over me. Somehow, I was still able to pull myself together and the run felt good. I didn't really know if it was actually good, but it felt good and that's what I'd been waiting for. I let Henri keep me going a little faster, making me push a little harder and I ended with some of the best paces I've had in weeks. Finally!

I told me body to 'shut up and run' and it did. That won't work every day, I'm sure, but it worked today and I got a result I was happy with. Henri was happy with it, too as he is sitting next to me on the couch now, rewarding my efforts with a little cuddle time. What a way to end the week! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zero Percent

I looked out the window this morning and sure enough, it was not raining, just as forecasted. I checked the hourly weather and there was zero percent chance of precipitation for several hours. We were in the clear for another run.

Except, wouldn't you know it, the weather forecast was wrong. Again. 

The wind was not the friendliest of winds right off. We were running into it, which is a directions we don't run in a lot on our route, so I knew we just had to push through. While it was still in the 60's temperature wise, it was still a little warm so the breeze was a blessing, when it wasn't blowing against us.  

It started around the mile and a half mark, which conveniently is also where we could have turned to go home had we needed to make a dash for it. At first, I wasn't sure it was really rain and not just water blowing off passing trucks or a drop or so off Henri's feet as he ran. Then I started to see it on the sidewalks, the darker, wet spots increasing in proximity of each other. Luckily, it was only a light sprinkle, so it was more refreshing than debilitating. It stayed that way while we finished the run, increasing in speed a little at the end, just in case. 

I don't know why I even bother checking the weather. I'm pretty sure our luck is going to run out soon, especially if the rainy days continue to outnumber the non-rainy days. Honestly though, I still prefer the chance of rainy days to the humid, sticky, I can't breathe days. More of the latter are coming very soon. *sigh* I suppose it is only July. It has to get worse before it can get better.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Henri

60 degrees in the AM? Now we're talking! This is Henri weather...or at least Summer Henri weather. He would still prefer the 40 degree weather, but this is an improvement. Sure, it doesn't really feel like Summer, but that's kinda the point...for Henri...I feel a lot better running in this, too, I have to admit.

What does Henri do when he goes outside this morning? Sits on the back step. Just sits, letting the cool breeze wash over him. We did the same thing after our run. It felt so good, we took an extra cool down lap around the lake. There was so much less sweat to be wiped from my face. 

The sun was coming up, casting a pink tint on the clouds, but only for a short time. The sky became a flat blue shortly after. It was raining by the time I was done with my shower. We just missed it.

Unfortunately, the cooler weather will not stay. It is forecasted to rain throughout the evening, but guess what time it's supposed to stop? Yep. The time we wake up for a run. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

What's the Weather?

The problem with running before the sun comes up is that you really can't tell the weather very easily. It becomes very clear after the sun starts to come up, but until then, or until something happens, you have no idea.

We woke up and got ready. I really wanted to sleep in, but I got myself out of bed and pumped up to go. I always check out the window first, to see if it's raining. It was not. It was really dry. I got dressed and went downstairs and let Henri out. This is when I test the temperature. Honestly, it was disgustingly humid, but we were up and getting ready. There was no turning back now!

We head out the door and it's starting to sprinkle. Again, can't tell by the clouds if it's about to dump or not and the forecast didn't call for rain yet. I decided we would just do a little loop if it started to rain any harder. We're crossing the street and I see lightning. And we're turning back around. I'll take a chance on rain. We've been caught in it before and we survived. Lightning? No thanks.

And now we're up and ready to go and we can't. I should have slept in.

The good news is that the rain brought some MUCH cooler temperatures! I was going to go on a run after work, but then I wasn't sure if either one of us would be ready to go again in the morning. The sun was coming out so I wasn't sure how the cooler temperatures would hold out, so we voted for the early am run. Call me crazy. No, really, because I really want to sleep in.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 27: Patriotic

I don't even remember how long it has been since I have been able to enjoy fireworks. I really don't know if I will ever be able to truly enjoy them again. The Fourth of July can be extremely stressful, especially to those that have dogs who are fearful. Henri is one of these dogs. My other dogs weren't too fond of fireworks either, especially when the location of the fireworks changed to right near our house. Sure, it was nice to be able to avoid any traffic and just step out your back door to watch the fireworks display, but it was far, far too loud for the dogs. I am so thankful that they moved the location back before we got Henri. He might have actually had a heart attack.

In the years past, the fourth has been during the week. The first year was the year that someone set off a firework while we were walking Henri, literally 100 feet behind him. No wonder the poor guy is fearful! Our fourth was spent upstairs, with my iPod playing to cover up the sounds of neighbors randomly setting off fireworks in the neighborhood. We repeated this the following year, starting a little earlier so he didn't get spooked before the attempt to "go to bed". Last year, it was a Friday. I was worried, but we were invited to go out to the country and spend time with family. We were lucky that neighbors were not setting off many fireworks and when the neighboring town started their show, we were already inside, cuddling. He was still scared, but it was better.

In the fall, we finally bought a Thundershirt. Neighbors were moving and Henri heard their continuous bumps against the walls and spent much of the evenings trembling. I don't know if it helped completely, but we haven't had a lot of opportunity to try it. We will try to use it for the fireworks this year.

This morning, we ran. We will keep things calm. We will go out to the county to visit family. We will take Henri's Thundershirt. He will get to play and run in an open area for hours. When the fireworks start, we will move inside, with a noise machine and a Thundershirt and wait it out. We will make it through another Fourth of July.

Not all fireworks are bad, eh, Henri?

Friday, July 3, 2015


I am doing a horrible job of posting lately.  You see, my OCD does not allow me to post things if they are not in order and I can't just skip certain things so I fall behind and then my daily blog of our run is missed and I missed one, so I miss another until finally I catch up with the other posts, but I've already missed so much during the week...I feel so defeated. Maybe that is just the feeling I am left with after this week of running.

My legs have been sore this week. I don't know why. Maybe the run on Saturday did them in, but we hardly ran because of the mid morning heat. We walked a lot, but I doubt it was enough to make my legs hurt. I have just felt like I could not get my legs to move. When I finally felt like I was moving, my speed said otherwise. I have now learned that when I feel like I have to push harder, I'm usually running faster, but not this week. This week was push, push, push, keep pushing. Henri has still seemed to enjoy the runs and I seem to have worn him out each day, despite my slower pace. Maybe he has had to push as well.

Today, I had the day off again, so, again, I played lazy and didn't get up early. I should have, again. I really need to learn that if we're going to go for a run, I need to move in the morning or not go at all. I think I have learned this lesson for sure now.

While it was only 70 degrees, the same temperature that it is most early mornings, that sun kills us, or at least me. Saturday, I had felt like I could have kept going, but Henri looked hot. Today it was me that couldn't go on. We ran one mile and I just had to stop. Henri kept looking back and me and trying to get me to move again, which I gave into after a half a mile, but I don't know if I made it another half a mile before I had to stop again. We pretty much kept up that routine for the three miles. Once we got near the lakes, the breeze washed over us and I was good to go. Of course, we were almost home, so it was time to stop. Yes, I suppose we could have just ran back and forth by the lakes, but by this point, Henri looked like he had had enough.

Defeat. I try to argue that at least I got out there and tried. It's not like I did poorly, I just didn't do as well as I would have liked, especially today. It's not a race. It doesn't matter how fast I go, as long as Henri is getting some exercise, which he seems to have gotten, so, it's worth it. I don't mind a mediocre run here and there when there's a really good one that follows it, but I just didn't see that this week and ending with today's run-ish, walk-ish's just not the way you want to feel.

Maybe we will try to run again tomorrow, but only if I get my butt out of bed early. It will probably be good for Henri anyway, to expend some energy, so he doesn't turn into a nervous ball of energy in the evening when there are fireworks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We're Going On An Adventure

What started out as a quick run turned into a three hour adventure!

Saturday was the first day with no rain in the forecast in...I don't know how long. Also, it was a high of 75, so, awesome! After being lazy for too long in bed, I decided to get up and take Henri for a run. I couldn't decide if we should just go for a run around the neighborhood or go out to a park and run there. The change of scenery won out and we decided to go to the park.

Unfortunately, it was 11am. This was totally my fault for being lazy. The sun was high and the heat from the sun, even though it wasn't really that much heat, was beating down. There were places along the path that it was hard for me to breathe. I could have pushed through, but Henri was already looking exhausted, so we shortened our run and walked a little, until we got to a spot with more airflow and finished the run. We then collapsed in the shade of a tree for some drinks because the car was way to hot to sit in. For once, Henri seemed to enjoy just relaxing. He's not really a sit and stay in one place for long type of dog. He didn't whine once, just drank his water and cooled off in the light breeze.

Once we were good and cooled off, we set out for another walk. There were some places in this park we had not explored before and today seemed like the perfect day to do that. Even though we were walking, Henri seemed quite content with the new surroundings. Usually, he is in a hurry to get someplace, even if he doesn't know where he's going. Not today! Today was all about just being outside and enjoying the weather, even though I'm sure it was a little warm for his taste.

I took my GoPro with me, hoping to figure it out a little better. I feel like I got some great shots of Henri, and that's really all I bought it for anyway :)

Plus, we cannot forget, the image that I have been trying to capture since I bought my GoPro. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adiou, "The Shot", complete with strategically placed lens flare over my bottom. Does God know what He is doing or what?

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 26: Father

Henri and his "Papa" have a relationship much like that of a human child and their father. 

"Papa is my favorite. We like to rough house. He doesn't have rules for the games we play so I can play my way. I don't have to "drop" the toy, "wait" or "leave it" like when I'm playing with her. That usually means enticing him into a game of tug so that my toys rip and I can tear the stuffing out of them. Then she takes the toy away and we don't see it again for awhile. He doesn't like when I play my squeaky song for him though. I don't understand why.

He gives me lots of treats, snacks and table food. I know this so I always sit by him when given the choice between him and her. I just stare at him long enough and food is soon offered to me, especially if I can get a little drool action going.  He feels real bad for me then. If he goes to the kitchen, I get up from my snuggling with her to follow. I mean, he might be getting something for me. 

Papa is a little lax on the training so I don't always have to sit in a certain spot or lay down before I get a goodie. I have these big puppy dog eyes that get me many things when I want them, even though I've been told 'no' by that other human. I can get him up earlier in the mornings, too. I stick my face in his, sing him a song and he's up. She makes me go lay back down and wait until she wants to get up. That's fine because she doesn't feed me as much food as he does because she thinks I'm going to get fat. 

Papa comes home in the middle of the day to see me and I get to spend some alone time with him. Sometimes he stays up at night and I stay up, too. This week was something called Father's Day and he had a birthday. I know this word because I have one of those, too. That means lots of toys and goodies! He got lots of presents, which I wanted to help open. His toys didn't seem like much fun to me, but the wrapping paper was fun! He shared with me, because he's a good Papa."


I am thankful for the cooler weather. It makes fighting off the nauseousness while running much easier, though I think today is the best I've felt since last Wednesday. It feels pretty awesome outside tonight. So I'm hoping that the rain will hold off while we are supposed to be running in the morning. I'm not sure we're going to be that lucky though. 

Today felt better. I made it through without the nauseousness, which made it easier to go a little faster. My ankle was bothering me a little and my legs were sore (Really? I didn't take that much time off!), but it felt good overall. Henri seemed a little distracted at first, but he fell into place after the first block. There were more people out this morning, which is weird because we didn't head out that much later than normal. Everyone must have been taking advantage of the cooler weather.

I was trying you get pictures taken with my GoPro again this morning, seeing as how the sun was up, but I kept getting either an empty space because we'd already run by or our backs as we looped back to do it again. Meh! It's frustrating! I did, however, manage to get pictures of another guy as he ran with his dog. I felt like a spy, taking pictures remotely from a camera hidden in the grass. At least I got pictures of someone! I'm not posting those though. That just doesn't feel right. They will go into my spy folder to save for a rainy day. 

I really want to meet up with all these people that run with their dogs in this neighborhood. I think there's five or six of us now. It's funny that we don't run into each other more often. Sure, there are lots of hours in a day, but there are only so many before and after work.