About Henri

Henri was born in a shelter on March 21st, 2012. He is an Australian Shepard/German Shepard mix, at least, that's the current guess. A lot of people think Husky because of his tail. He also gets, 'He looks like a wolf!' a lot. He's unique, that's for sure.

Henri loves to be doing something. He wants to play with you. He has lots of toys and he searches through his toy box and continues to bring you toys until he finds the one you want to play with him with. He likes to play Fetch, but he likes to combine that with Keep Away. He likes to get you tug on his stuffed animals, hoping to weaken the stitches enough that he can tear the stuffing out of them. I have frankensteined his toys back together many times.

Henri loves to run. He loves to be chased, but usually just by one dog at a time. He doesn't do a lot of the chasing back, but in all fairness, he is fast. He likes to duck and swerve and jump. We tried agility, but he didn't seem to like to jump on command. I'm sure if he was playing Chase on an agility course, he would be doing all the tunnels, jumps, ramps and weaves, but doing it otherwise, no thanks.

Henri loves to go to the dog park, especially when it's cooler outside. We spend many very cold days at the dog park. The colder, the better. Perhaps he is part Husky. He has many friends, some he has had since he first started going to the dog park as a puppy. He plays best one-on-one. He gets jealous. I don't blame him, I'm the same way. I just don't lash out if my friends are playing with someone else. He can be possessive. We're working on that.

Henri likes to have his picture taken. He knows and understands what a camera is. He's pretty photogenic, if you can get him to hold still. One problem is that if he sees you are going to take his picture, he stops whatever you are trying to take a picture of, gets up and comes to have his picture taken, ruining the whole thing. If you are friends with me on Facebook, just know that you are only seeing the best of the best of the pictures I have taken. I know it's a lot. Sorry about that.

I hope you will learn more about Henri through our running adventures. He's pretty great.

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