Saturday, May 30, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 22: Race

While Henri and I run for fun, occasionally I "race" him at the end of the run. We "race" the sun coming up. We "race" the sun going down. I "race" to beat my current running pace. Sometimes, we have to "race" the clouds, especially these clouds.

Much of the time, at least right now, we are running early in the morning, so we/I can't see the clouds and know the impending weather, so when I can see the clouds, I know we have to hustle. This is a much different "race" than our normal run against nature. We can actually lose this race and it's not pretty if we do. Thankfully, we have been very fortunate and have only lost one and a half times, with the half being the time it just spritzed on us enough to be annoying.

Unfortunately, this is the midwest, and we get a little of every kind of weather, sometimes at a moments notice. A racing we will go!

Friday, May 29, 2015


Has anyone else had a hard time remembering what day it is this week? I know I'm not he only one because there have been at least four other people at work that have thought it was a different day than it was. I know there was a holiday, but that doesn't really count in the retail world. It's just another day to us. I was really struggling this morning! First, I was thinking about how I said that we'd run four times this week, but then I was thinking that wasn't right because it was Thursday. Then I was really sad that it was only Thursday. Then I realized it was indeed Friday. Hooray! We had run four times!

Then we're running. I'm remembering from last summer how day three was always really hard, but day four felt better and by day five, I was back again. Thinking it was day five, I was disappointed in how I felt running. "Day three" felt awesome and was awesome, but "day four" was not so awesome.

Then, right around mile three I realize that we didn't run on Monday, so this is indeed day four, not five. I wrote my blog yesterday about four in a row, when it was not four in a row. Guh! I can't believe I did that! How did I get so mixed up and stay mixed up. I am usually not confused for very long, and never that confused! Then I continued to be mixed up this morning? So mixed up that I thought I'd figured it out several times only to realize that I had not figured it out at all! What happened this week? What is wrong with my brain?

Also, side note, it interests me that something usually happens around mile three. This is usually the stretch in which I do my best thinking, even writing some of this blog. I have revelations. I figure out what day it is, for example. *eye roll* I also decided to start this project and what I wanted to call it around mile three. It's like my mind is suddenly cleared from thinking about the run, though I'm not consciously thinking about the run and then suddenly not thinking about the run. Then there's the mile three step off the sidewalk into an ankle injury and the mile three sonic boom that almost made Henri pee his fuzzy pants. I'm going to have to start paying much closer attention to mile three. Who knows what else can come from it? 

For real, though. Today was four in a row. We're (I'm - lets blame the right person here) still getting back into the rhythm, especially after taking a week off T25 and starting that over as well. We'll make it. I am much more confident that we can do five days a week again, and excited.

And that was my brain dump. I feel better now.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We're On A Roll

Whew! Four days in a row now! I guess it wasn't that hard to get my ankle back up and running (Ha! I'm so witty!) after all. I'd been avoiding the back-to-back runs for months! Maybe I just needed to run on it to help it get stronger. I'm crossing my fingers that we can make it five in a row and that there will be no rain when we get up tomorrow, and that my ankle can make it.

Today's run felt awesome! My legs hurt, but I felt like we were moving at a good pace. Yesterday, I had felt a little sluggish, but we had one of our best miles. I thought for sure we'd beat that today. Wouldn't you know that when it felt good, we were not moving that fast. I don't get it, but I guess we have the whole summer ahead of us to work on our speed. Henri's speed is fine. I'm an anchor.

As much as going to bed early to get up early, working out twice a day and running in the heat sucks, I'm glad I have this boy to give me something more to do. He is so worth it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Morning Funnies...To Me

There are many differences between getting up and running at 4am versus 5am and there are many feelings to go along with each of these differences.

For example, the sun is usually just coming up towards the end of our run most days. When you get up at 5am you think, 'What is this? The sun? Hmm...okay. I can see! I can see where I'm going. I can see the rabbits jumping along our path.' which quickly turns to, 'OMG! The sun! It's in my eyes! I can't see!' Maybe that's just me.

When you go out after the sun is up, there are more people out. There is a camaraderie between runnings/walkers/anyone up way too early in the morning, which is nice. We say "hi" and wave, or at least try to because, well, we're running (out of breath) and I'm monitoring my dog (barely see you wave). Of course, they are also watching Henri and wondering if he is going to try to eat them/trip me/'Oh, how cute!' Then there is that darn sun, making it so that we can see, which means they can see me! I'm hot and sweaty, red faced and not feeling very graceful, with no make-up and nowhere to hide. I have a freakin' dog attached to me! I am not exactly blending in!

Along with more people being out, there are more people up, getting ready for their day. They are letting their dogs out to do their morning business and we're running by. Henri will usually just keep running, but it is still early in the morning. I'm sure the rest of the neighborhood would appreciate a little more sleep and for some reason, dogs around here are really upset that they are not allowed to run and play with us and they are very vocal about it.

Don't get me wrong. I like the sun, and people, and other dogs. It just seems like we run so much in the dark that all of these things were foreign and strange to me. I found my reactions to these things funny. Maybe things are a lot more funny that early in the morning, sleep deprivation and all.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

50% Chance of Rain, 50% Chance You're Right

There is lots of rain in the forecast. I shouldn't be surprised. There has been rain in the forecast almost every day for weeks. How many times has it actually rained? It was supposed to rain all this past weekend. It didn't. Not even a drop. It's supposed to rain at some point every day. 

It was supposed to rain yesterday. I woke up early anyway, just in case. It wasn't raining., but there were dark clouds that looks like there were going to dump at any minute. The radar showed rain right around when we'd be halfway through our run. I didn't want to get caught in it, so I just did a workout I could do indoors, hoping that if it did rain, it would keep it cool enough for an after work run. It didn't rain. At all. All day. It wasn't cool in the afternoon either. Dang it! I feel so guilty when we don't go, especially when it doesn't rain. Sure, it really looked like it was going to come down and the radar backed that up. How was I to know? I'm not a meteorologist - though they don't know either so I wouldn't really be in any better of a position if I was.

This morning, I didn't even check the weather. I hadn't really heard anything past the weekend weather and I didn't think to check. We went for a run. I did think it was odd that the sun didn't seem to be coming up. We got lucky. It didn't rain on us. It was raining when I left for work though. Again, it called for lots of rain and severe thunderstorms all day, but no. They were wrong. It rained once, for 30 minutes. It was a hard and heavy rain and that is exactly the rain I do not want to be stuck in. I know Henri doesn't want to be, though he would enjoy the toweling off after.

So, do I get up every morning and try to run, just in case the next day it is raining? How am I supposed to plan a running schedule? I feel bad waking Henri up and then having to tell him we can't go because it's supposed to rain. He really doesn't understand this and he looks so sad when I don't put on my running shoes. Besides, we could both be sleeping! Now I'm going to be paranoid, which means it's going to dump on us some day this week.

Friday, May 22, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 21: Sky

We're now at the end of week two of early morning runs, which were almost not necessary as the weather this week has been pretty comfortable in the afternoons, barely reaching the mid 70's. That's okay. It's just us in the mornings, with the breaking dawn. I don't have to share Henri with anyone else in the world. I'm selfish like that.

We made it out four times this week, Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and today (Friday). That's two back-to-back runs in a week! I'm hoping this is helping my ankle grow stronger. My legs were a little tired this morning, and I'm not doing any other workouts this week. We've got some work to do before we are back to Monday through Friday runs (with maybe the occasional bonus run on the weekend in a different location?)

Every morning sunrise has been different this week. The sky hasn't been entirely sure how much rain it has wanted to drop each day or when it's wanted to drop it. That can make for some interesting runs. We've been lucky this week. Sometimes it has started to rain shortly after we got home. This also makes for some interesting sunrises. Some mornings there are lots of colors and some are just flat blue. Some mornings the sun has risen earlier than the previous day. Some mornings the sun rises faster than the day before. It is one of the best parts about being up that early in the morning. 

This is my morning. Sometimes it's a little sweaty. Sometimes there are a few bugs swallowed. Sometimes a bird or bunny will join us for a short jaunt. Sometimes we might meet other runners, some with two legs, some with more. Sometimes there might be a scare or an injury. Sometimes it will be fast. Sometimes it will be slow, or just seem slow. Sometimes we'll have to push. Sometimes it will be hard, but it will always be worth it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Sound of...Something

Today was an awesome day for a run! I knew the day was supposed to be cooler, and we could probably have waited till after work, but I was afraid that it was heat up more than they said or that the humidity would be higher than they said. I decided to stick with the early morning, in an attempt to nail the routine down. We woke up to 45 degree weather. It was perfect! (I know. I'm turning into Henri!) 

We set out just a little earlier, but the sun was coming up earlier than yesterday so we got to see a beautiful sunrise as we ran. It was a peaceful, quiet morning. Even the fact that I was running back-to-back days wasn't bothering my ankle too much, which is the idea, so, great!

We were coming up on mile three. Suddenly, there was a loud, BANG! Henri, being afraid of fireworks, gunshots or just unexpected noises in general, bolted. Yes, I was still attached to him. Thankfully, I weigh more than he does and he didn't drag me all the way home, which is where I'm sure he would have headed if he could have taken off as fast as he could to safety. He was pulling a little, but I kept making him slow down and speaking softly to him as we continued our run. He didn't seem to be too distressed after a minute or so. I'm sure he would have been making all kinds of whiny noises if he had still been scared. He probably would have woken up every neighbor we ran by with his carrying on, but he didn't. He was brave. It probably helps that we were already running and he is very focused while we are running. I still don't know what the noise was. It might have been a truck or semi. We were closer to the highway and a gas station/truck stop is just over the overpass. It could have come from either one of those places. It could have been some sort of sonic boom. Neither one of us were bleeding, so we hadn't been shot and I didn't hear about anyone else getting shot either. It was so early in the morning! I would not have wanted to have been woken up by that. 

Other than that little event, our run was perfect. My ankle still feels fine and we were a little faster than yesterday, even though I was deliberate about a slow and steady pace. What do you know? Slow and steady really does win the race! Well, probably not, but it still gets it done and that is really all that matters.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Morning Blah's?

The rain clouds finally broke and we were able to go running again. I went to bed early to prepare for the early morning wake up call. Sometimes, when I have to wake up early, I struggle to sleep. Usually, this only applies to getting up early for work. I can't be late so I wake up a lot throughout the night to make sure that it's not time to get up yet. Well, my body must have decided that a run is just as important as work, because the I went through the same thing last night.

Henri, on the other hand, knows the morning routine so well, he usually gets some extra Z's while I get ready. He might get up and follow me to the next room, but he's curling back up for a power nap in preparation for a run. This makes it difficult to stay motivated, as I'd much rather curl up with him and go back to sleep. 

Today's run didn't feel great. I felt sluggish, though not tired. I just felt like I couldn't get my speed up and still breathe comfortably. Maybe the humidity was extra high this morning. Finally, at the last mile, I gave up and settled into a comfortable pace, even though it felt really slow to me. Turns out, that mile was my best mile...except for those darn bugs! Henri was even bothered by them this morning, shaking his head in frustration as we ran through them. 

While I can probably sleep through the night better tonight, being more tired because of the lack of sleep last night, I can't decide if I want to attempt the back-to-back runs again, or wait until Wednesday. The temp and humidity are supposed to be down tomorrow. It could feel really good to get out there, which is what's probably going to win me over in the end.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 20: Mother

Mother's Day. I do not have any children, though I want some badly. It's a day that can remind you of what you long for more than anything else in the world and that can be hard.

I don't really refer to myself as Henri's mom, though I am definitely the quintessential dog-mom. Henri is my baby. I am responsible for his life, his care and his well-being. It is my job to teach him what to do and how to behave. I take him to the vet to keep him healthy or if he might be sick. I take him to the park or on a run to play (plus the countless hours playing in the house!). I make sure he is eating the right things, that he gets his vitamins, that he brushes his teeth. I give up time out with friends to be with him. I try to give him the best life he can have, that he's happy and healthy and enjoying himself. I love him unconditionally. He can tear up his toys, bark at the neighbors or accidentally bite me. I will sew his toys back up, go outside in the snow in bare feet to make him stop barking or be mad for a little while. I still love him. In that way, I am his mom. 

It was important to me to be with Henri on Mother's Day. I wanted to go on a run, but the weather didn't really cooperate. We spent some time just hanging out and being together. Henri might have figured out what was going on because he sat closer to me, rested longer with me and was just all around adorable with me. While he doesn't know what Mother's Day means, he had a look in his eyes when he looked at me that told me he loved me and appreciated me...and maybe that I wouldn't kiss him so much.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Winners of the National Run With Your Dog Day Virtual 5k Giveaway

Congratulations to our winners!

Sure, these people might have won the prizes, but I say the real winners are our dogs! They have some great people loving them! This has been a huge love fest and who can blame us? We are all adorable!

Thanks to all who participated and to Lea for helping orchestrate. This has been so much fun and such a great start to annually celebrating National Run With Your Dog Day! I can't wait for next year!

And a special thanks to our amazing sponsors! Visit their shops and buy the stuff you didn't win! I know I have a few things to buy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two In A Row

This is the first time I have run two days in a row since hurting my ankle last summer. I have been intentional about when I've been running, cautious of putting too much pressure on my ankle. I don't know if that was something I needed to do, but it didn't seem like a bad idea. Now, being almost a year later, and soon more important that we are able to get out and burn off some energy every day, it seemed like a good time to ease back into it.

I wasn't sure what to expect. My ankle could have been fine. It has been a long time. I could have had to stop running because it hurt. It was time to find out.

It took one mile before I felt something less than normal. It was another quarter of a mile before it got a little worse. It wasn't really pain and most of the discomfort was in the bottom of my foot, which is where most of the pain is when it gets to that point. It would come and go while we were running, never really getting to the point that I felt like I needed to stop. We actually ran faster today than yesterday, so it didn't slow me down much.

I did have to rely on Henri to keep me moving a little. I let him keep the faster pace, even when I was feeling out my ankle. If it had been up to me and I was running by myself, I might have stopped...maybe, but Henri kept me going and I didn't really need to stop. My ankle is fine. My foot feels fine. Henri didn't let me quit and we're one run closer to getting back to running every day.

I did wear my compression socks all day today. I hate socks so the fact that I wore them all day and to work...I might have given a few people a heart attack. Just doing what I can to get back to running everyday for Henri!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today was the last day of Running With Ollie and I's National Run With Your Dog Day Virtual 5k. It's been so fun to see everyone and all of your dogs! I look forward to celebrating National Run With Your Dog Day with you all every year!

It has been raining far too much here. I really wanted to have a Mother's Day run with Henri on Sunday. I planned on going before church, but the first time I woke up, it was raining. The next time I woke up there wasn't enough time to run and shower, which I felt was important before going to church (because cleanliness is godliness). Then it warmed up a little too much. The funny thing is that we did have to run from my Grandma's to my parents because a storm was rolling in and it was lightening and starting to rain. I just had to run in my sandals, which was a challenge, but we did get to run on Mother's Day.

Yesterday, there was rain in the forecast. We woke up early and there was no rain. As I got closer to being ready, I heard the wind pick up. Of course, it started to rain. It rained most of the day. When it finally did stop, the wind picked up. I kept checking the radar and wouldn't you know it, the doppler radar showed rain right when we would be running. I really wanted to run, but being caught in the rain did not sound like fun.

Today, finally, we woke up early to much cooler temperatures and while it was still windy, we've run in worse. It was a great run! I love running with Henri when I know he is enjoying the weather and the run. As much as I now love running, I never run without Henri. I don't know that I would love it without him anyway, but it is always better when I can tell he's enjoying it. I think he likes knowing that we are going to be outside and running (even though he could run much faster on his own). I would hope that he always enjoys our runs. I would feel pretty selfish if I was making him go when he didn't want to, but I think he knows how to tell me when he's not interested. I'm so glad that we have this to do together.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 19: Teach

This week we some friends come along on our run to celebrate National Run With Your Dog Day. We had both a two legged friend and a four legged friend. Henri was very careful to set a good example for Piper as she learned how to go on a run with her human. He slowed his pace so they could keep up with us and so Piper did not drag her human, trying to stay with Henri. He continued to look back during our run to make sure that they were still with us and Piper had not inadvertently tripped her running partner. Everyone did really well on their run, especially the half of us that had not run a 5k outside before. 

Henri is very good teacher. Piper is an excellent student. (And they are so cute together!)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Light

We finally made the switch to early mornings. I can't believe it's almost 90 degrees in the first week of May! Why!?!

It was so much cooler this morning. I could feel it. Henri could definitely feel it. He was ready to run! Even though it was almost 70 degrees, there was such as drastic difference between that and the afternoon temperatures, I hardly noticed I was sweating until I ran the last half mile through swarms of bugs. Blech! On my face, my neck, my arms...there were so many bugs in the shower after I was done! So gross! Not to mention the ones I swallowed, gag!

Henri led the way this morning. Maybe he just wanted to get home and have his breakfast, but he was moving and moving fast. He was enjoying being out before the sun came up, having cooler air wash over us and the world to ourselves. Maybe that was me, but he was definitely enjoying it, too. That makes waking up early in the morning completely worth it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Run

Happy National Run With Your Dog Day!

Of course there were too options for the weather today. Rainy or hot. Thankfully, it did not rain, which left us running in the heat. Yes, we should have run our 5k before work today, but we didn't because...we have some special guests on our run with us today! Henri's girlfriend, Piper, and she brought along her human, Trevor! 

I have been after Trevor (and Piper) to join Henri and I on our runs for awhile. It took me creating a holiday for him to actually do it! I think he kinda liked it. We'll have to ask him tomorrow, but Piper did great for her first run! (Trevor really did great, too. He did.) 

After our 3.1 miles, we attempted to get a group shot to commemorate the celebration of this new holiday, so we played with a selfie stick.

So, we need to work on our selfie stick skills (but, really, who wants to be good at using a selfie stick? What does that say about you?), but the important thing is that we got out there and we had fun...I hope Trevor had fun. Stay tuned...

National Run With Your Dog Day Virtual 5k

It's here! It's here! The day has finally come! It's true that every dog has it's day because today, May 5th, is National Run With Your Dog Day! Lea from Running With Ollie and I are proud to bring to you the National Run With Your Dog Day 5k and Giveaway! Fun, fur and prizes abound! 

All you have to do is run with your dog and enter the giveaway to win prizes! It's all free! The purpose of this virtual race is to promote the holiday, sharing pics and stories of our run with our awesome dogs with other people who run with their dogs.

This is how it works. This is a virtual race so you can run your 5k (3.1 miles) wherever, whenever, however you want. You can run around your neighborhood, on a trail or wherever else you deem fit to run! You can run it all at once or break it into smaller bits. You can walk if that's what works for you and your fuzzy partner. The point is to get out and spend the time with your furry friend, then share your stories and pictures on social media using our hashtag #runwithyourdogvirtual5k. 

While National Run With Your Dog Day is officially May 5th, we know that there are many reasons you may not be able to complete your 5k on the actual holiday, so we are extending the celebration all the way through May 12th. Yes, you have anywhere from May 5th to May 12th to complete your Virtual 5k!

Whether this is your first run together or you nine hundred and ninety-ninth, all that matters is getting out and doing your thing with your pup. This isn't a competition so you can go at it at your own pace, keeping yourself and your dog in mind!

Don't have a dog? There are many dogs in shelters and rescues that need to stretch their legs. Or maybe you have a neighbor that can't get around as easily and you can help them out by taking their dog for a spin. Do a good deed, get a workout and maybe even some doggie kisses too!

Ready, Set, Go!

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I understand that running or walking a road race is a potentially dangerous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I assume all risks associated with running or walking in the event. Having read this and knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I, for myself, and anyone entitled to act on my behalf waive and release Six Legs Are Better Than Two, Running With Ollie and all sponsors, their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event. I grant permission to all the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for legitimate purpose.

Have fun, good luck and we can't wait to see and hear all about your celebrations!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 18: Below

One of the places Henri and I run has several little nooks and crannies that you would probably not want to go at night, but during the day, it's overpasses, bridges and train tracks. We haven't run here very much, but it is one of the first places that I attempted to run, many, many years ago. I enjoy the uniqueness of the tunnels and the graffiti. It's slightly different than our normal prairie grasses and neighborhoods. It's kind of like we're in a different world, maybe where the TMNT would be hanging out...or some slightly shady characters, hence the not running there a lot. Here is a picture from our run in the world "below".

Friday, May 1, 2015

But Wait, There's More!

Just a few days left to pre-register for the National Run With Your Dog Day Virtual 5k! It’s coming, May 5th, and Henri is excited!

We have lots of legs, human and canine alike, celebrating this (new) national holiday! Myself and Lea from Running With Ollie are excited to see all of your furry friends getting ready to run, walk and skip (if you so choose) your way to 3.1 miles. We can’t wait to see all of your pictures, tweets and blog posts! Make sure to use the hashtag #runwithyourdogvirtual5k and post in our Facebook Event Page so we can all celebrate together. Here are more of the cutest virtual race participants ever!

You can join in at any time between now and May 12th. We've got tons of awesome prizes from some great vendors that we are excited to share with you. Pre-register and you are entered into an extra drawing for a My Running Partner Has Four Legs tank!

Awesome! You can get a little workout, spend some time with your furry friend and win prizes! But wait...there’s more! Did you know that there is an app you can download on your phone that will donate money to a shelter or rescue organization for every mile you walk, or run? You don’t even have to have a dog to do it! It’s called Walk For A Dog and I use it every time I run (and those rare occasions that we just go for a walk) with Henri so we can give back to the shelter that I rescued him from. Henri and I have logged 283.5 miles to date! This is such an easy way to give back to those that gave me the best running partner I've ever had…okay, he’s the only running partner I've ever had, but he is definitely the cutest!
Here are some of the cool features of the Walk For A Dog app:
1.  It gives money to shelters and rescues that need it! The more people walking, the more money they give! It will automatically find shelters near you, but you can search and choose a different shelter or rescue. If your choice is not in the list, ask them to go and apply to be added to the program!

2.   It tracks your route, distance and pace. I always enjoy seeing how my pace compares to my other runs or the difference between my walking pace and my running pace (because I walk fast, too!)

3.   You can see how many miles you have contributed as well as how many other people are walking for the shelter of your choice and for how many total miles. If you want to be competitive, you can try to maintain a certain percentage of the total miles walked. I try to keep mine at 25% of the total miles ;)

You can download this app for free on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. I’m told there is a major update coming in early may, along with a new look! I’m excited to see what else WoofTrax does with this app! So, join us in celebrating National Run With Your Dog Day and celebrate the work shelters and rescues across the nation are doing! As Wooftrax says, it’s healthy for you, your dog and your favorite shelter or rescue!

We encourage you to visit our sponsor pages and like their shops. Your support of sponsors makes these types of events and giveaways possible!