Friday, February 10, 2017

Birthday 10k

No matter what, I was getting this run in today. I was not going to come up even one day short. Yes, there was snow and ice on the sidewalks. Yes, it was really windy. It was also 50 degrees. Also, my birthday. The goal was 10k by my birthday and that's what was going to happen. 

Honestly, I felt sick right before running. The 'I'm about to do something big and important', nervous, excited, sick. Six miles isn't really that big of a deal, but it was a goal for this year and we were about to do it. It felt pretty good. I counted down the miles as they ticked by on my watch. "Down to five." "Only four." "We do three all the time." "Halfway there." "Two left." "One more." "Half a mile. Don't stop now." "Quarter of a mile. Push!" I tried to get it done in under an hour. I pushed as hard as I can the last two minutes, but we came up 26 seconds long. Considering the small bits of slush we slowed down for and the wind we ran into for two of the back half, I'm okay with it. We'll beat it next time.

Now, to get comfortable in this distance and start working on ten miles. Ten might not happen until the fall, but it's a goal, so it will happen.

Also, Henri was so tired by the time we took this picture. Then he got a little boost because he knew we were going home. Now he's sleeping it off next to me. Mission accomplished.

Runs this year: 15

Miles run this year: 67.5

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