Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweetheart Run

On Valentine's Day, of course, Henri and I participated in FitFam's Virtual Run, The Sweetheart Run. Yes, I ran with Henri. Who else would I run it with, really? This year though, being as that we had a goal of running 10k by my birthday, I signed us up for the 10k. I kinda planned on doing them both together, but then I decided by Birthday 10k and The Sweetheart Run should have their own days, so we ran another 10k, because we can do that now.

The weather was much better for The Sweetheart Run. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, there was no wind, so we pushed to get it done in under an hour. Guess what? We did it! I knew we could! Time 57:15. Pretty good for a second time running one! The best part? Running it with Henri. Can't you just feel the love?

There was also a scavenger hunt to go along with the run, which we completed. Here are our findings:

[X] A rose(s) - On my running tights (That I got for my birthday! So Pretty!)
[X] A kiss - From the boy

[X] Flag or signage with a heart(s) - Hearts and roses!
[X] The number '14' - It's really weird to try to take a picture of someone elses house
[X] A lovely couple of things - Aw! Flamingos in love. Henri, leave them alone!

Check and Check. Another FitFam Virtual Run, done! Thanks for challenging us, giving us a fun run and sweet medals don't hurt either :) Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Runs this year: 19

Miles run this year: 81

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