Monday, February 6, 2017

This Looks Like October

We've been wanting to go on this run since Friday, but we just weren't able to make it happen. I was determined to make it happen today. I charged our lights. I woke up early to do my other workout before work. I planned the shopping around getting out of work as quickly as possible, to make the most of the last light of day. Then, the birds chirping, sunny day turned grey and wet and foggy. That was not what the forecast had said the last time I had looked at it. I knew the fog and the dark was not going to be a good combination for getting our run in. It looked like I had been defeated, yet again.

What's that? You want me to leave work early today? Yes, I can definitely do that. The good thing about running in dreary weather is that no one else is out. While we would have enjoyed the sunshine from this weekend, we would have had to go by a lot of people, and probably a lot of dogs, making our progression towards our 10k a little slower and a little more challenging. Today though, we were able to run the full 5.75 without another soul. At least, I didn't see anyone out there. With the fog today, who knows.

Just a few more days till we run our first 10k! Just a few more days until my birthday! We're going to make it and I'm going to be able to keep it under an hour...unless my legs don't want to work.

Runs this year: 13

Miles run this year: 56.25

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